Bookings & Cancellations Policy

Cancellations at MyFit365

•You can RSVP any class 1 week in advance. 

• Clients are solely responsible for the booking, cancelling and rescheduling of their classes. Clients may only reserve, reschedule and cancel classes through the GLOFOX APP.

Texts/WhatsApps/Facebook etc messages are not an acceptable means of canceling/rescheduling your class.

• All MyFiT365, Concept_Cardio, Small Group Personal Training & 1:1 Personal Training sessions must be CANCELED 10 HOURS PRIOR to start time.

• Class Pack clients who do not attend a RSVP’d session or cancel in time will be charged for that class which will be reflected in how many credits you have left in your pack.

• 1:1 Personal Training clients who do not attend a RSVP’d session or cancel/reschedule in time will be charged for that session, which will be reflected in how many credits you have left.
Personal Training clients must RSVP/Cancel/Reschedule through WhatsApp only.

• Direct Debit Clients who do not cancel in time or do not show up to a RSVP’d class, will automatically be charged a Late Cancelation/No show fee of €10. This will be charged to your account (Monthly, Weekly, Small Group PT, 6 Week Challenge & Concept_Cardio).

If you do not have a working card/IBAN on file for any fees, you will be required to add details so any fees can be balanced out before your next visit. If any outstanding fees aren’t settled upon your next visit your membership will be suspended and you will be unable to RSVP/Attend classes.

• Your first full direct debit amount must process before canceling a membership e.g – If you have selected the Unlimited Monthly membership one payment of €80 must process before cancelling.

• At least 7 days notice must be given to cancel any direct debit membership. Any notice inside this period will not be enough time to cancel any upcoming payment therefore your next scheduled payment will be your last.

• If you cancel your direct debit payment from your bank and fail to notify MyFiT365 and/or Concept_Cardio, we will pass on the charge of €15 for a failed direct debit request that we have been charged from your bank.

This fee must be settled before re-joining any serviced offed by MyFiT365 and/or Concept_Cardio.

All direct debits must be cancelled by contacting MyFiT365 and/or Concept_Cardio VIA EMAIL. Not your bank.

Booking & Cancelling your sessions

All MyFiT365, Concept_Cardio, Small Group Personal Training sessions

  • Can be booked 1 week ahead and can be booked right up until class start time if there is a space available. 
  • Must be cancelled 10 hours before class start time.
On your 3rd no show or late cancellation your membership will be locked and you will NOT be able to book any more sessions.

You will need to contact the facility and pay an admin fee of €30 to have your membership unlocked. Membership will not be unlocked until proof of payment has been received.

Booking, cancelling and re-booking classes can only be done through the Glofox App. Text/WhatsApp/Facebook messages etc. are not an acceptable way of cancelling/rescheduling your class.




Facebook messenger, Instagram or other social media, voice message, text message or WhatsApp are not valid and the member will be charged

Membership Enquiry for 2022

We will have limited spaces across all our memberships for both our MyFiT365 & Concept_Cardio studios from January 2023.

If you would like to enquire about membership availability for 2023, please get in touch below.

We are on holidays until Monday august 21st! We will respond to all messages on our return!