Strength & Conditioning

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Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength & Conditioning programme is focused on building strength working primarily on the 4 big lifts, Squat, Deadlift, Bench and Shoulder press, paired with a fun conditioning workout to get the heart racing!

Working in 12 Week cycles so members can measure the progressions of both their strength and fitness levels. Setting goals, putting in the work week after week to reach each target along the way.

Improving posture and coordination, injury prevention, improving muscle strength and endurance……..and its a bit of craic too!!!

⚫️🟡 Monday to Thursday 8pm 🟡⚫️

Membership Enquiry for 2022

We will have limited spaces across all our memberships for both our MyFiT365 & Concept_Cardio studios from January 2023.

If you would like to enquire about membership availability for 2023, please get in touch below.

We are on holidays until Monday august 21st! We will respond to all messages on our return!